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Titanium Stud Earrings
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Our collection of stylish titanium stud earrings are made from pure titanium. is proud to offer an extensive collection of titanium stud earrings.. Titanium is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and exceptionally comfortable to wear. Let help you find the perfect pair of titanium stud earrings.

Titanium is a metal alloy recognized for several key, elemental qualities. Titanium is lightweight while remaining incredibly strong, and because of its low-corrosion rate, it makes an ideal metal for a variety of industries. Titanium was not commonly used prior to the 1940s, but during this time it flourished as a central ingredient in the manufacturing of airplane parts, and continues to be widely used in the production of bike and auto parts, and anywhere else where strong, lightweight materials are needed. The strength, weight and relative inertness of this metal also makes it ideal for other industries. For instance, titanium is often used to make surgical instruments and jewelry due to its low reaction rate when exposed to skin. Titanium is known to remain tarnish-free in a room temperature setting, a sought-after quality in body jewelry. Some may consider the hypoallergenic qualities of titanium as a possible deterrent to allergic reactions: this allows individuals who are allergic to most metals the enjoyment of wearing titanium earrings. The weight characteristics of titanium make for more comfortable titanium earrings as well, allowing a period of longer wear without feeling the pull some heavier metals might induce. Titanium may prove to be even stronger and more durable than other popular metals used in the jewelry industry, such as gold or platinum. Titanium stud earrings are great for sensitive ears. Stud Earrings made from titanium may result in untarnished, unbent and undamaged pieces that last for longer periods of time. Another quality favored by jewelry makers is titanium's ability to transform with added color. Titanium easily takes on other colors, therefore allowing a wider variety of styles and palettes.

Let help you find the perfect pair of titanium stud earrings. And all titanium stud earrings over $25 always ship for free at the Gemologica Titanium Stud Earrings Jewelry Store.