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Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
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Our discriminating collection of stylish sterling silver hoop earrings are made from .925 sterling silver. is proud to offer an extensive collection of sterling silver hoop earrings. Let help you find the perfect pair of 925 sterling silver hoop earrings.

Look for silver hoop earrings stamped with a fineness mark of "925" or "Sterling" or "Ster" to indicate silver purity. Our silver hoop earrings are crafted from the highest-quality pure sterling silver, and all are inspected for a fineness mark to ensure quality.

Silver is known for its light weight, easy to mould property and also wide availability. There are metals like copper and iron, which also possess the same properties. But the matter with silver hoop earrings is different. Silver is considered to be a passive metal. It does not react readily with air, water and other elements. Hence it does not corrode easily. This feature accounts for the long life of silver hoop earrings. Basically, earrings made of other metals are not so much lustrous and they have to be alloyed with other metals to impart finesse to them. Silver, inherently, is a lustrous metal. It does not need the support of other metals to increase its shine. Earrings made of other metals, when comes in contact with water, can also infect the ear piercing. Silver opposes it and even the first ear piercing is also done with a silver earring in the form of a pointed nail. Silver hoop earrings come in a variety of shapes, designs and fits. Every day a new design comes and it is first cut down or engraved on silver hoop earrings. Silver hoop earrings can even incorporate precious stones and heavy beads work which is otherwise very fearful to be done in remaining metals. Silver hoop earrings, though safe and cool, should be kept with care. Constant exposure to dust and dirt can result in the loss or depletion of its luster. Sine it is easily moldable, it should not be handled tightly. Once the post or the clutch is bent or distorted, it will not fit into the ear piercing or even if it does, it will not have a firm grip in the earlobe. Always keep the screws of the earrings safe in a box. Without screws, there is no use of silver hoop earrings. And also, whenever you are wearing or removing the earrings, keep them enclosed in cotton wrapping or a soft cloth cover. This protects them against damage and frequent touches from others’ hands. Choose sterling silver hoop earrings which suit your ear shape and size. Prefer those sterling silver hoop earrings which are natural looking and do not carry much of art work done on them. It hides the real beauty and finesse of the silver earrings. Silver hoop earrings are a common thing now with popularity and great fan following. Nowadays, earrings called white metal earrings are also sold under the name of silver earrings.

Silver hoop earrings are easy to wear both day and night. Silver hoop earrings are particularly popular styles. Silver hoop earrings can be classic or outrageous, depending on the size and style. Large silver hoop earrings are sometimes associated with ethnic, bohemian looks, and perhaps that is why they bring a mysterious and sultry look to the wearer. Hoop earrings bring sparkle and flair to all sorts of outfits, and they work especially well in the evening, particularly if combined with gemstones, rhinestones, crystals or beads. Silver hoop earrings can also look great with jeans, boots, and a bold blouse, to dress up a casual outfit. Sterling silver is over 90 percent pure silver, which means that it's a material that can easily be worn next to the skin and especially in pierced ears. The '925' mark you often see on silver means that that piece is 92.5 percent pure silver. The secret of silver hoop earrings is their versatility, as they complement many different colors and clothing styles. You can find earrings to match a watch, a necklace, or rings and bangles. Silver is easy to wear and can be bold or sedate, saucy or sophisticated. Silver looks fabulous with red, elegant with black, and bright and clean with dark blue. When worn with white, silver lends a crisp sheen to the outfit, making you look and feel very well put together.

Let help you find the perfect pair of sterling silver hoop. And all sterling hoop earrings over $25 always ship for free at the Gemologica Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings Jewelry Store.