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Men's Cobalt Rings
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Gemologica is proud to offer a discriminating selection of handsome men's cobalt rings and bands. Our cobalt rings are tastefully crafted, and provide exceptional quality.

Cobalt chrome possesses an everlasting and uncompromising strength that is 5x harder than gold. Because of its reliable strength and extreme hardness, it is shatterproof and scratch resistant.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are much whiter than tungsten and titanium wedding bands and are often compared to platinum in appearance. Since the bright white color is not just a plating, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands will stay white forever.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are less scratch-resistant than tungsten wedding bands, but more scratch-resistant than titanium wedding bands and precious metal wedding bands.

The weight of Cobalt Chrome wedding bands falls right between tungsten and titanium wedding bands. Cobalt Chrome is heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten. Cobalt Chrome wedding bands have a pleasing weight and feel that is very similar to gold wedding bands. As a result, they are extremely comfortable to wear.